September 2023 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2023 September Art Dare: Bling. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Ginger Medrano

“I challenged myself to use only glittery/shimmery polymer clay in this piece. I was on the phone with my sibling when I got started.

They love frogs so I made frogs. Then I built a space that I imagined sparkly frogs would live in. I love how they tiny gems really tied everything together. I used them as gem warts for my frogs.

The pearls were so much fun to make as well. I made a bunch of tiny clay balls, slid them on a wire then dusted them with mica powder.”

Honorable Mention

Michal Taylor-Phillips

“I chose to create a portrait of a Southern Hognose Snake as part of my ongoing study of wildlife in Alabama. When they feel threatened, a Southern Hognose Snake will first mimic a venomous snake and then flamboyantly fake their own death.

After sketching, experimenting, and planning, I made a background with concentrated watercolor. I found that thinly layering of the watercolor helped to suggest the leaf debris of the forest floor without overtly representing it.

Then I rendered the snake in colored pencil. For bling, I embroidered metallic thread I found at a local thrift store.

I hope my portrait of this beautiful species will draw attention to conservation efforts in Alabama.”