Sept 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 September Art Dare: transform a celebrity into a monster. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Janet Hebert (USA)

“A year ago when Art Prof did the original celebrity monster streams, Deepti made a silly face and invited us to draw her as a monster.

Once I determined my monster Deepti girl looked like she was dolled up for a school picture, I realized I could make it a fun theme: Monster School Yearbook Photos.

From there I tried to select a variety of celebrities to make into monsters, and had a blast doing it. I imagined each one playing a role at the Monster school, from students, to a teacher and the principal (George Takei!). For Josh Gad, I went a step further and used a slime simulator app to manipulate his face before drawing the monster version.”

Janet Hebert

Honorable Mention

Lady Kimono

“For this piece, I wanted to draw a musician who’s music touched my soul. I used the Caran D’Ache Luminance Colour Pencils.

I tried to not only alter his features to indicate the monster, but also using colour and mood.”

2022 September Art Dare: Celebs as Monsters

Featured Entries

David Knauber (USA)

Elena Jimenez (USA)

Kristie Baker Maloy (USA)

Thijs P.


39 min. video