Artistic Anatomy Lecture: The Nose

This video explains the anatomical structure of the nose and how it fits into the structure of the face.

We also explore how the nose has been perceived in history as a symbol. Lecture by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

We look at the structural components such as cartilage and the nasal bone, how to apply that knowledge to your drawings, and the many challenges of drawing noses.

Portrait Drawing: Soft Pastel

Video Walkthrough

  • Why is a nose so hard to draw?
  • Noses look odd no matter what!
  • The nose can define a face!
  • A Nose is the main event in a profile
  • Consider the silhouette of a profile
  • Noses are more 3D than you think!
  • To study noses, look at sculpture
  • What is hard, what is soft in a nose?
  • Transition: brow into nasal bone
  • Cartilage in the nose
  • Use the ear to place the nose
  • The mouth is wider than the nose
  • Draw the nose in relation to other parts of the face
  • Look at how the nose connects to other parts of the face
  • The philtrum connects to the nose
  • The nose is anchored by 2 creases
  • Subdivide the nose
  • Don’t be afraid to draw nostrils!
  • Nostrils are not always circles
Figure Drawing: Soft Pastel