Student Gallery: Anatomy Premium Track

Students in our Anatomy Premium Track learn the fundamentals of drawing the human figure by developing a base knowledge of human anatomy.

The lessons we use are from our free Anatomy track.

2-5 minute Gesture Drawings

2-5 minute gesture drawings from Eadward Muybridge’s The Human Figure in Motion. Artworks by Toaster, AnastasiaNeilPatTent, Steen.

Skeleton Inside a Figure

Draw a skeleton inside a figure in order to see where bony landmarks and muscles align. Artworks by Toaster, AnastasiaNeilPatTent, Steen.

5-20 minute Tonal Drawings

5-20 minute drawings of full figures, focusing on tone as a means of articulating the human form. Artworks by  Toaster, AnastasiaNeilPatTent, Steen.

Sustained Drawing of a Torso

Work on a long term drawing of a torso that focuses on lighting and form to emphasize the differences between bone, muscle, fat, and skin. Artworks by Toaster, AnastasiaNeilPatTent, Steen.