Student Gallery: Digital Basics Track Prompts

Our free Digital Basics Track pushes students to develop skills in digital drawing and painting techniques while experimenting with a range of styles, color schemes, and textures.

Texture Cubes

Create 8 cubes that each have the texture of a real life object. Try to choose as many different textures and colors as you can! Artworks by @pandapufkin, Steen, @trenter_the_dragon

Texture Cubes, Process


Oil Refinery

Create a painting using our reference photos of an oil refinery. Aim to balance between showing a convincing sense of structure with a broad range of textures in the forms and surfaces. Artworks by @pandapufkin, Steen, @trenter_the_dragon

Oil Refinery, Process


Character Silhouettes

Create a daily line drawing of a character based on the silhouette of an inanimate object. Trace the shape of that inanimate object and design a character from that silhouette. Artworks by @pandapufkin, Steen, @trenter_the_dragon