Digital Basics TRACK: Week 4


Create a painting using our reference photos of an oil refinery. Aim to balance between showing a convincing sense of structure with a broad range of textures in the forms and surfaces.


Blocking patches of color in the negative space around the oil refinery can often times be faster than trying to draw individual parts one at a time.

Try to forget that you are drawing an oil refinery, instead, squint at the reference photo and break it down into a series of abstract shapes.

Begin by knocking in the largest shapes and incrementally move to the smallest shapes.


The oil refinery is constructed of many rigid materials like metal, how will you distinguish the metal visually compared to something made of wood? Texture is often what gives an object “character,” draw from the experience you had in week 3 with the Texture Cubes.

Digital techniques
  • Layer effects
  • Layer modes
Recommended software

ProcreateKritaAdobe PhotoshopClip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAIAdobe FrescoMediBang Paint, Gimp

Artists for inspiration

Sidney Hurwitz, Frederick Mershimer, Ezra Jack Keats

Drawing an Oil Refinery in Adobe Fresco

This video demonstrates techniques for drawing manmade structures, focusing on an oil refinery. Media used in this tutorial are Adobe Fresco and brush pen markers with a water brush. Explored in the video is how to tackle large, complex structures in a drawing, what to focus on, and how to compose the piece in a way that balances the larger shapes with the details. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Mia Rozear.

Elements of Art: Space

This video explores Space in 2D artworks, one of the Elements of Art. Topics include how to create the illusion of space in a 2D artwork, ways to create depth through atmospheric perspective, point of view, and articulation. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch.

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