Student Gallery: Painting Basics Premium Track

Students in our Painting Basics Premium Track work on basic skills like color theory, brush technique, composition, while working with a range of subjects like abstraction and still life.

The lessons we use are from our free Painting Basics Track.

Sky Paintings

Create a painting of a sky which shows a broad range of colors and textures. Aim to show depth in the sky, with some parts of the sky coming forward, while others push back. Artworks by Triplegem, Brittany Spiszer,

Sky Paintings, Process


White on White Still Life

Set up a still life using only white objects and create a painting from that still life. The objective is to train your eye to see and mix subtle shifts in hue, saturation, and value in the scene. Artworks by Triplegem, Brittany Spiszer,

White on White Still Life, Process

Brittany Spiszer. Reading Brittany’s blog posts about part 1 and part 2 of this prompt.