How Do You Recognize Plagiarism?

How do you know whether an artwork has been plagiarized? Several examples from contemporary art are examined here, where artists have been accused of plagiarism, and in some cases where a lawsuit determined the final outcome.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch and Jordan McCracken-Foster.

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Cat Huang

Video Walkthrough

  • Obey Giant Art Inc. v. The Associated Press.
  • How much do you have to alter an image to make sure it’s not plagiarism?
  • Photobashing is a technique many artists use as part of their process.
  • More experience as an artist will give you a better sense of where to draw the line with plagiarism.
  • Can you copyright an art style?
  • Some illustrators are hired specifically to replicate a trendy artist’s style.
  • Is it enough to give an artist credit for their artwork, or should you ask them first?
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