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Mastercopies: Tips for Drawing

Creating a mastercopy of a historical drawing is an effective exercise for honing your drawing skills. This video is a hands on demo that provides tips for how to get started with a mastercopy, as well as a discussion that provides insight into the value doing a mastercopy can have to advance and strengthen your […]

Adobe Fresco & Brush Pens: Drawing an Oil Refinery

This video demonstrates techniques for drawing manmade structures, focusing on an oil refinery. Media used in this tutorial are Adobe Fresco and brush pen markers with a water brush. Explored in the video is how to tackle large, complex structures in a drawing, what to focus on, and how to compose the piece in a […]

Drawing Fish in Adobe Fresco

See how to use digital painting techniques in Adobe Fresco to draw fish! This video starts with basics of drawing with Adobe Fresco covering layers, tools, and various effects that are possible with the program. More techniques such as how to navigate layers and create textures as also shown. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Digital Basics TRACK

If digital art makes you feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, this is the right track for you to develop your skills in digital drawing and painting techniques. For those of you who have experience with digital art, this track can be really useful to get a refresher to enhance the skills you […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 6

Prompt Create a composition that includes at least 5 fish. Use any format, any style, as long as there are a minimum of 5 fish in the image, anything goes! The fish does not have to be one that exists in real life, they can be fanastical if you like. Consider the mood you want […]

October 2021: Mastercopy Drawings

Art Dare Prompt Choose an drawing from art history and create a mastercopy of that drawing using traditional drawing media. The artwork you choose has to have been created before 1950. We recommend choosing an drawing that is very different from how you usually paint so you can expand on your painting vocabulary. Art media […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 5

Prompt Create a painting using our reference photos of an oil refinery. Aim to balance between showing a convincing sense of structure with a broad range of textures in the forms and surfaces. Tips Blocking patches of color in the negative space around the oil refinery can often times be faster than trying to draw […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 4

Prompt Choose one of your character designs from the ongoing assignment. Draw 5 contrasting facial expressions for that character using only line and flat colors. Suggestions for facial expressions confused, furious, disgusted, heartbroken, flirty, lethargic, anxious, jealous, nervous, disappointed, proud, perky, feisty, apathetic Tips Look into a mirror as you draw, try out different facial […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 3

Prompt Use at least 3 reference photos to invent a fantasy landscape. Create depth in the landscape by use a diverse range of scales, atmospheric perspective, and composition. Reference images You can shoot your own photos, find photos online, and use our free reference photo collection. tips Experiment with using reference images that are less […]

Character Design: Silhouettes

See a fun character design prompt: use the silhouette of any object to start a character design. This video explains how to go about developing a character, addressing their personality traits and how to incorporate those traits into the character design. Demo by Teaching Artist Cat Huang and Guest Teaching Artist Julie Benbassat. Video Walkthrough Prompt: Create a […]

Digital Painting: Texture Cubes

Enhance your digital painting skills with this prompt, which asks you to paint a broad range of textures, as three-dimensional cubes in digital media. Creating a convincing sense of texture in your digital art will greatly impact your range and visual vocabulary as an artist. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster. Video Walkthrough This […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 2

Prompt Create 8 cubes that each have a texture of a real life object. Try to choose as many different textures and colors as you can! texture ideas candy, food, glass, bread, meat, minerals, fabric, crystals, metal, wood, translucent objects, fur, plastics, rocks, insects, fantasy textures (fairy dust, Kryptonite, etc.) reference images We recommend drawing […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Week 1

Prompt Create a copy of a digital artwork. We recommend choosing a digital artwork that is very different from how you usually use digital media so you can expand on your skills. digital artworks to copy Use any digital artwork of your choice, or pick from these images we compiled. Tips The accuracy of your […]

Digital Basics TRACK: Ongoing

ONGOING ASSIGNMENT + WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS This ongoing assignment is to be done simultaneously with the weekly assignments. However, if your schedule doesn’t fit well with this, and you want to do the ongoing assignment at a separate time than the weekly assignments, our suggestion is to do the ongoing assignment for 3 weeks straight. The […]

Alcohol Inks & Colored Pencil: Table Setting

See how to get started with alcohol inks, and the broad range of visual effects you can create. This demo shows how the alcohol inks behave with Yupo paper, watercolor paper, and with tools like Q-tips, sumi brushes, cotton rags, and more. Techniques with the alcohol inks shown include how to layer colors, how to […]

Art School Portfolios Premium Course

Preparing an art school portfolio is a major undertaking, and it can be an intimidating process that is stressful, especially if you are doing it all by yourself without any guidance or assistance. Here is your opportunity to work with attention and comprehensive support from Prof Lieu and the Art Prof staff. The entire Art […]

Palette Knife Paintings: Mixing Flesh Tones

See a painting demo for how to mix flesh tones using water mixable oil paints and a palette knife. Watch Using exclusively a palette knife is an effective way to focus entirely on the color mixing process by removing the distraction of needing to address brush technique at the same time. Painting a self-portrait from […]

Fantasy Landscapes in Procreate

See how you can create an fantasy landscape in Procreate, using a broad range of reference photos. You can dramatically manipulate and transform your reference photos to blend together into an unusual landscape. Simple strategies like atmospheric perspective, texture, foreground, middle ground, and background to create a convincing landscape. Demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Deepti Menon. Video Walkthrough Selecting a […]

Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor: Imagined Environment

This video shows how to draw environment from imagination using ballpoint pen and watercolor techniques. Diverse experiences gathering reference images and objects serve as the inspiration for creating this imaginary environment: a plein air drawing session on site using soft pastels, a trip to the grocery store to buy unusual looking produce like, and finding […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 10

Prompt Invent an imagined exterior space that shows physical depth and tells a story. What is the story of that space? Create a specific color palette, composition, and point of view to tell that story. pick a type of environment Desert, jungle, underwater, sky, mountains, suburban, industrial, snow, rocks, canyons RECOMMENDED MEDIA Any 2D art […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 9

Prompt Create a narrative artwork that shows physical depth through an interior space. What is the story of that space? Create a specific color palette, composition, and point of view to tell that story. pick a place Kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom, closet, hallway, garage, attic, basement. RECOMMENDED MEDIA Any 2D art media BRAINSTORMING & THUMBNAILS Do brainstorming […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 8

Prompt Create an artwork that uses both text and images. pick a subject Magazine cover: The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time Movie poster Book cover Shakespeare poster Google Doodle Travel poster RECOMMENDED MEDIA Any 2D art media. BRAINSTORMING & THUMBNAILS Do brainstorming exercises to work our your ideas. Draw at least 6 thumbnail sketches to plan out the composition. Once […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 7

Prompt Create 2 sculptures that are abstract representations of 2 contrasting sides of your personality. brainstorming & THUMBNAILs Write a list of your personality traits. Choose 2 traits that contrast with each other. Draw shapes that are related to those personality traits. Compose those shapes into a design for a sculpture. RECOMMENDED MEDIA Supply list. […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 6

Prompt Create a painting with a specific color scheme that conveys an emotional mood. Pick a subject Paint yourself as you imagine you will be at 114 years old. Self-Portrait as a fruit or vegetable. Transform a celebrity into a monster, the celebrity has to be unrecognizable in your drawing. brainstorming & THUMBNAILs Do brainstorming […]

Teaching Color with Crayons: Tony Janello

RISD Adjunct Professor Tony Janello speaks to Art Prof Clara Lieu in his studio about his approach to color theory as an artist and professor, and a drawing technique he developed using Caran d’Ache Neocolor I crayons to create portrait drawings drawn from life. Janello explains common problems students encounter while studying color and presents […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 5

Prompt Create a drawing where colors are mixed through layering. Pick a subject Interpret the Wong-Baker Faces scale (6 levels of pain) Create a contemporary version of Argus Illustrate a Mandrake brainstorming & THUMBNAILs Do brainstorming exercises to work our your ideas. Draw at least 6 thumbnail sketches to plan out the composition. Once you have chosen a […]

Self-Portrait Drawing in Crayon

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates how to draw a self-portrait using a mirror and a color layering technique using Caran d’Ache Neocolor I crayons. Prof Lieu shows how to set up your easel, drawing, clamp light, and mirror in order to have a smooth drawing experience. Prof Lieu walks you through the thumbnail sketching process […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 4

Prompt Create 1 mixed media artwork that has these features: a shape that is not a rectangle uses at least 2 materials that are not from an art store. uses collage in some capacity. Pick a subject Illustrate a phobia, example: claustrophobia Illustrate a superstition Illustrate a Japanese spirit brainstorming exercises to do Word association […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 3

Prompt 1 sustained drawing, any subject, drawn 100% from life the entire time you work on it. Be sure you are excited about your subject! Ideas drawing from life Still life you set up yourself. If you want to complain that still life is boring, it’s your fault that you don’t like your still life. […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 2

Prompt Complete 6 hours of 2-10 min. drawings, any subject, all drawn from life. If you cheat and use photos, you might cackle that you’re “getting away with it, ” but actually, you’re digging your own grave, completely missing the point of this prompt, and you won’t learn much. So go ahead and waste your […]

Gesture Drawing: Cats

This video shows how you can draw from real life! See a demo of how to do gesture drawings from life using Faber-Castell colored pencils and Pitt pens. Discussed in the video are the many advantages of drawing from life, as well as the challenges. See how to draw cats who simply won’t sit still! […]

BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Week 1

Prompt Make a viewfinder by cutting a rectangular window into a piece of cardboard. Pick 1 room in your residence, and walk around holding the viewfinder and frame little “scenes” in that room that interest you. Play with getting up close vs standing further back, and aim for a broad variety of scenes. goal Create […]