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Introduction to Gouache Painting Techniques: Book Cover Illustration

00:03 Middle grade audience
00:17 Illustration types for books
00:29 Illustration portfolio content
00:52 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
01:14 Shooting reference photos on site
02:46 How to use reference photos
05:02 Stretching watercolor paper
05:09 Types of watercolor paper
06:18 Drawing thumbnail sketches
06:58 How to draw from imagination

07:28 Book jacket measurements
08:33 Ideas for color schemes
08:47 Palettes for gouache painting
09:58 Gouache colors to buy
12:23  Gouache vs. acrylic vs. watercolor
13:38  Brush types for gouache
13:55  Color thumbnail sketches
19:18  Cleaning up the sketch
19:54 Underpainting Techniques
22:56  Painting the first layer

24:00 Atmospheric perspective
24:17 Gouache in art school
27:45 Building layers from thin to thick
32:56 Painting with a paper towel
34:17  Painting details
34:44 Tiny brush techniques
37:17 Using photo references for details
38:46 Opaque paint for the sky
40:33 The potential of gouache
42:31 Bloopers

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Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

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Design a wrap around book cover using gouache paint.

Core Ideas

Tone, line, value, contrast, light, shadow, narrative

Winsor & Newton

Materials provided by Winsor & Newton

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