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Create an animated movie using a smart phone and charcoal drawing.

Core Ideas

Movement, Timing, Storytelling



We recommend a cheap tripod arm, however, as long as the surface is stable, it works!

Smart Phone

or tablet

Related Artists

William Kentridge

Karas Cowger

Karas Cowger
2018 Intern

“Charcoal animation can be difficult, but you will be so proud of yourself once you push through the challenge. For me, I was a little hesitant creating an animation out of charcoal since I was used to using a computer program. After creating a small film with this medium, it has easily become one of my favorite ways of animating.

The charcoal also gives so many more textures than what a computer program could do. Charcoal can look gritty, soft, or even cloudy during your animation process, which looks far better than what brushes on an animation program could offer. After a while of animating with charcoal, you just get stuck in a rhythm and sometimes you’re having so much fun you don’t want to stop. It is very intricate, but every detail is so worth it at the end.”

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