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Introduction to Oil Painting Techniques

00:05  Oil painting through the ages
02:11  Seeing an oil painting in real life
02:30  Challenges of oil painting
05:30  Learning oil painting
07:51  Safety hazards
08:18  Protective gear
09:50  Ventilation
11:23  Disposal of solvents
12:28  Cotton rags
13:22  Toxic oil paint colors
14:04  Palettes for oil painting

16:27  Placing colors on the palette
17:17  Oil paint colors
20:06  Strength of specific paint colors
23:34  Mixing your own black
26:18  Types of palette knives
28:56  How to clean brushes
34:36  Oil Medium recipe
37:48  Liquin & cold wax medium
39:33  Oil medium between layers
40:10  Starting the painting
41:02  Underpainting

42:17  Blocking in colors
44:21  Painting a jack fruit
46:50  Painting with layers
47:39  “Fat over lean”
51:44  Brush techniques
58:56  Opaque & transparent paint
59:49  Varnishing
01:02:53  Cohesion in colors
01:09:50  Painting mastercopies
01:05:04  Mixing colors in advance
01:08:42  Complementary color still lifes
01:10:44  Bloopers

00:05  Seeing colors as a group
00:37  Pre-mixing colors
00:56  Squinting
01:32  Palette knife
01:55  Lighting on the lobster
02:32  Warm & cool colors
02:42  Mixing base colors
03:34  Mixing small quantites of color
04:24  Mixing a shadow tone

05:14  Mixing the highlights
07:58  Sketching with paint
09:22  Painting is not about accuracy
09:56  Blocking in colors
11:52  Painting the negative space
12:28  Assigning a color to each brush
15:04  Creating a plan of action
17:17  Training your eye to see colors
19:54  Tube wringer

22:52  Don’t critique yourself as you paint
23:43  Reinforcing the lighting
26:13  Glazing (transparent paint)
27:41  Opaque vs. transparent paint
28:58  Dry brushing
29:33  Painting details
30:31  When is the painting is done?
37:33  Closeups of the finished painting

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Owen Rival

Owen Rival

Catherine Huang

Cat Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist

Winsor & Newton

Materials provided by Winsor & Newton

Fredrix Canvas

Materials provided by Fredrix Canvas

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