Water Mixable Oil Painting: Purple & Yellow

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates water mixable oil painting techniques of a still life based on the complementary pair yellow and purple.

2 hours, 18 min. video

This is a follow up exercise to a complementary color chart that Prof Lieu did in gouache to explore complementary colors. Prof Lieu talks about color saturation, value, composition, and more.

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

Painting really is something that you need guidance with. Everyone has their own way of painting, and the technical stuff can get overwhelming very fast.

Rose Painting, Kathy Speranza
Drawing Roses in Pencil & Charcoal

No reason to try to reinvent the wheel on your own for painting techniques and supplies.

For real, discovering the silicoil brush cleaning tank changed my life! I had been painting for 6 years with oils before I found it.

Reference Photo

Still Life Reference #17
Reference Photo Collection gif

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