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Oil vs. Acrylic Paint

00:12    Dry time
00:46   Benefits of acrylic
00:56    Hazards of oil
03:13    Slowing/Extending dry time
03:35   Choosing colors
05:09   Black paint
06:05    White paint
06:47   Palette knives

08:14   Painting mediums
09:10   Oil brushes vs. acrylic brushes
10:24   Thumbnail sketches
11:36    Sketching in pencil or paint
13:03   Painting in layers
13:59   Painting takes patience
14:42   Painting with a cotton rag
15:47   “Fat over lean”

17:05   Clean up
17:45   Silicoil brush cleaning tank
20:10   Student grade, pro grade paint
22:31   Poor quality supplies
23:01   Brush techniques
24:04   Getting started with painting
25:42   There’s no wrong way to paint
26:52   Bloopers

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