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How to Sculpt a Portrait with Air Dry Clay

00:04 Challenges of heads
01:15  Proportion measurements
01:45  Observing proportions
02:35  Armature for portraits
03:21  Armature wire
06:54  Attaching the armature

08:21  Armature “butterfly”
10:26  Adding styrofoam
11:22  Air dry terracotta clay
14:49  Packing the clay
20:21  Anatomy
21:55  Sculpting the neck

22:54  Adding the shoulders
23:53  Nose & mouth relationship
26:22  Sculpting hair
28:11  Wrapping the sculpture
29:47  Dry time
31:26  Bloopers

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Sculpt a portrait using air dry clay and a wire armature.

Core Ideas

Form, gesture, space, skull, facial features.

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Materials provided by Clay House Art

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Art Prof Caution

Utility knives are extremely sharp and it’s really easy to cut yourself by accident!  We recommend wearing a kevlar glove on your hand which is not cutting to prevent injuries.


Armature Wire
Art Supplies: Utility Knife
Art Supplies: 3/4" thick Plywood
Art Supplies: Lazy Susan
Art Supplies: 1/16" thick armature wire
Art Supplies: Fettling Knife
Art Supplies: Wood Sculpture Tool
Art Supplies: Hammer
Art Supplies: Metal Kemper Tool
Art Supplies: Needlenose Pliers
Art Supplies: Plastic Sculpture Tool
Art Supplies: Air Dry Terracotta Clay
Art Supplies: Plastic Bag
Art Supplies: Styrofoam Ball
Art Supplies: Styrofoam

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