August 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 August Art Dare: creating an artwork based on an object found during a nature walk. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Ana Wieder-Blank (USA)

“I started collecting walking sticks during hikes at Byrdcliffe Artist Residency. I painted them to incorporate them into site specific installations with paintings and sculptures.

Since many of the paintings have trees in them I used the sticks to extend the paintings into the natural wooded spaces. I like to think of these sticks as bridges between painted trees and actual trees.

I was so inspired by this practice that I’m planning to include them in my next solo show.”

Ana Wieder-Blank

Honorable Mention

Bonnie Lynx (USA)

“I found some pokeweed on my nature walk and I had read in the past you can make ink from the berries so I wanted to try that. I took photos of it to use as reference to paint from.

I thought they would make a good reference to test the ink with because they had a good range of values. To make the ink, following instructions I found online, I crushed the berries and poured the juice in a small ramekin and added a splash of vinegar.

It was similar to watercolor and lifted well which surprised me because I was expecting it to be more staining. I was able to get it decently dark with a lot of layering.

I included a shot of my first attempt to show that when I used a heat tool to dry the piece between layers it turned the ink brown so I had to scrap that and start over. I read the ink is not lightfast and if left exposed to light will eventually turn brown as well.”

Bonnie Lynx

Featured Entries

Sarah C. McGill (Canada)

Karolína Machová (Czech Republic)

Isabell Fregoso (USA)


41 min. video