October 2022: Social Media Makeover

Art Dare Prompt

  • Make over one of your social media sites.
  • Or, start a new social media site from scratch!
  • This includes: Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, website.
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover

Observation Exercise

  • Look at your Instagram feed as usual, and take notes on how you interact with the posts.
  • Note which posts you swipe past.
  • Are there any posts that you annoy you?
  • Which posts do you tap “like.”
  • Which posts you write a comment for?
  • Write down why you reacted the way you did to each post.

Review your notes and write a to-do list of tasks you can change based on how you reacted to others’ posts. You might be surprised that your own posts don’t align with others’ posts that you enjoy and engage with!

Instagram, Clara Lieu

Instagram options

  • Archive irrelevant posts and posts that aren’t eye catching on your profile grid.
  • Rewrite your profile description.
  • Change your profile picture.
  • Shoot varied photos: studio shots, your hands with supplies, WIP.
  • Shoot photos of yourself.
  • Organize your Instagram Highlights.
  • Post new types of Instagram Stories that you haven’t done before.
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover

Tik Tok options

  • Repost an old video.
  • Try an editing app, we recommend Videoleap.
  • Try features in an editing app: stickers, animation, sound effects, music tracks, adding text, etc.
  • Cut a video on a new topic you have never done before.
  • Make playlists.
  • Cut a super short video, under 10 seconds.
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover

YouTube options

  • Make new thumbnails for an old video.
  • Change your channel banner.
  • Change titles for an old video by adding key words.
  • Write a community post.
  • Revise your “about” tab.
  • Start a merch store on Teespring, which is embedded in YouTube.
  • Try a live stream.
  • Add more info on yourself to video descriptions.
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover

Website options

  • Change your front page.
  • Rename pages. Example: change “about me” to “about.”
  • Revise your artist statement.
  • Revise your narrative bio.
  • Add an email list people can sign up for.
  • Add new artworks.
  • Add a photo of yourself on your bio page if you don’t have one.
  • Add images to any page that doesn’t have one.
  • Website tips
How to Shoot Photos for Instagram

Art Dare Leap

  • Choose 2 of your social media sites for a makeover.

Get started!

In our Discord, we have an #art-dares channel where you can post your works in progress, and get feedback and support throughout the month. People in this channel provide motivation and accountability which can be really helpful while you’re doing the art dare.

Submit via Instagram

Tag us @art.prof  with #artprofdare. Please know that by doing this, you are automatically granting us permission to repost your art dare artworks on our Instagram account! Here are ways to submit:

  • Make a post that you haven’t done before.
  • For example, perhaps this is the first post you have done with a photo of your studio space.
  • Explain in the text caption that this is a new type of post you haven’t done before, and why you chose to do it as part of your social media makeover.

Submit via our upload form

  • Drop before & after images into a Google Drive folder via our upload form.
  • Submit photos that show the before and after of your makeover.
  • For example, take a screenshot of your old profile picture, and another screenshot of your new profile picture.
  • Name the files “before” and “after” so we know which is which.
  • Explain in the written statement what you changed in your sites.
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover
2022 October Art Dare: Social Media Makeover

Jordan changed the images on his profile grid to have posts that have more eye catching colors. In his before photo, you can see the photos are largely light monochromatic colors which don’t tend to attract as much engagement.

Submissions close on Monday, October 31 @ 11:59pm EST


We award prizes and honorable mentions.

To be eligible for a prize, your artwork must be an original artwork created specifically for this Art Dare, and follow all guidelines.

Watch a sample voice session from our Patreon channels in our Discord

Art Dare winner

Artists outside the US will receive 5 months free access to our Patreon channels in our Discord.

Artists in the US can additionally receive both Prof Lieu’s book + Cat Huang’s middle school comic, “The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox.”

Comic Journal of Cathy Rox, Cat Huang
The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox

Honorable Mention

Artists in the US can choose either Prof Lieu’s book, or Cat Huang’s middle school comic, “The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox.”

International artists receive 3 months free access to our Patreon channels in our Discord.