Creative Merch Ideas

This video provides ideas for creating merch that goes beyond the typical T-shirt or mug. Items like wrapping paper, textiles, pins, tattoos, and more can create unusual items that are more distinctive.

Learn about how to match specific artworks to different merch formats so you maximize the visual impact of both merch and artwork. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch and Cat Huang.

Video Walkthrough

  • Find out what your audience wants
  • Ask questions & do polls online for merch ideas among your audience
  • Consider the dimensions of the artwork in relation to the merch item.
  • Go beyond “typical” merch.
  • Match the art with the merch.
  • Avoid the same design on too many merch items.
  • Research merch platforms.
  • Consider that each platform has a “reputation” for certain types of art
  • To promote merch, build anticipation on social media.
  • Printing local vs. printing online
  • Consider merch as you create art.
  • Remember cost & profit.
  • Think twice about ordering in bulk
  • “Unusual” merch ideas: Laser cut items like coasters & puzzles, temporary tattoos, textiles, calendars, pins & charms, wrapping paper, plush, and more.

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