Artistic Anatomy Lecture: Eyes

This video explains the anatomical structure of the eye. We will be looking at the specific bones, muscles and landmarks that will provide the knowledge you need to successfully create portraits in your artwork.

We explore the proportional relationships between the eye lids, the eye socket, the eyeball, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Eyes are often the first point of contact when meeting a person.
  • Eyes have a tremendous range of expressions.
  • People make assumptions about the shape of eyes.
  • Imperfections are necessary in eyes.
  • Real eyes are rarely symmetrical.
  • Eye sockets are deep & dramatic.
  • Establish the upper eyelid.
  • Double & single eyelids.
  • Sclera (“whites” of the eye)
  • Light dramatically effects eyes.
  • Look for wrinkles around the eye.
  • Eyelashes curl outwards.
  • Eyelashes are different lengths.
  • Reserve veins for closeups.
Crayon self portrait Drawing, banner

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