June 2021 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2021 June Art Dare: “Body Art & Tattoo Design,” where participants were asked to either to create artwork on any part of anyone’s body, or design a tattoo in any media. Discussion led by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Lauryn Welch.

Prize Winner

Ryan Nesbitt (USA)

“I chose to do makeup art on my face for the art dare. I did a variety of looks from demon to hippie to an 80s rock star. I used eyeshadow and eyeliner for most of my looks. I think a technique that really helped me with the eyeshadow is patting it on with the brush instead of swiping it. I also had to use fake eyelashes of course!

I always felt like makeup was a big part of my expression. I always felt like an outcast for being gay and gender non conforming. I feel like when I do makeup I’m taking what people hate the most about me, what people bullied me for my whole life, and I’m shoving it in their face and saying look at me I’m gorgeous and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I am putting beauty and love into every look I do and that makes me proud.”

Honorable Mention

Alice Alvarez (USA)

“Contemplating the best word for an emotion, a facial expression or scene, leaves a writer in a state of dread and satisfaction. It’s the daily routine of forcing words out of your hands only to have your mind seal them away. Or the method of creating, erasing, and creating again that leads me to write once more. Through body paint, I can depict the relationship between the body and the written word and explore different stages of the writing process.”

Featured Entries

Carlotta (Germany)

AJ Johnson (USA)

Mary McElhinny (France)

Melody Guthrie

Madeline Bedrosian (USA)

Sal Devito (USA)