Oct 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 October Art Dare: social media makeover. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch.

Prize Winner

Ginger Medrano (USA)

“I decided to makeover my two Instagram accounts and my YouTube. For Instagram I actually ended up combining my accounts.

When I posted both of them in the discord and Lisa asked why I don’t have them combined. It made me realized that my accounts really should have just been one.

So I did that as well as making a LinkTree, updating my bio, deleting highlights and I actually posted a photo of myself (it was very scary). For YouTube I did a lot of little fixes but the one big thing I did was fix my playlists.

I didn’t get to fix everything but I made a list of what I need to work on. I’m also so relieved to only have one Instagram account. I never knew what to post on which account and now I wont have that problem.”


Honorable Mention

Megan Tiller (USA)

“In my Instagram, I added photos of my face, photos of supplies, and photos of my studio space. On my YouTube channel, I changed some thumbnails and adjusted the size of other thumbnails, so they fit the screen.

I changed the title of some videos. I modified some video descriptions. I added a few sentences about me.”



35 min. video