Comics Basics Track

This Comics Basics Track provides a basic foundation for visual elements and strategies that are specific to drawing sequential narratives.

Ongoing Assignment
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Character Design & Lighting, Cat Huang
Cat Huang

This track will get you to exercise the hard skills you’ll need as well as an overview of every facet of the comics process: writing, scripts, thumbnails, panels, spreads, pages, text, speech bubbles, and more.

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Do the track at your own pace! Taking the time to process the content is important, so we don’t advise putting pressure on yourself to finish the track quickly.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

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Show us what you make!

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Ongoing Assignment

Ideally, this ongoing assignment is to be done simultaneously with the weekly assignments. However, if your schedule doesn’t fit well with this, and you want to do the ongoing assignment at a separate time than the weekly assignments, our suggestion is to do the ongoing assignment for 3 weeks straight.

The continuity is important so any time that you can draw daily for 3 weeks is great.

Comics Basics Track
reading comics

Read comics every day!  Half the battle in making comics is reading them.

Lesson 1

Comics Basics Track
instructional comic

Draw a comic that provides instructions for how to prepare your favorite snack, without using any keyboard symbols.

Lesson 2

Comics Basics Track
animal sounds comic

Create a comic that shows an action that prompts an animal to make a sound.

Lesson 3

Comics Basics Track
birthday party comic

Draw a 4 panel comic based on a birthday party you had at any point in your life.

Lesson 4

Comics Basics Track
100 year old self

What do you imagine/hope/wish you will be like when you are 100 years old? Draw a comic based on your future self.

Lesson 5

Comics Basics Track
argument comic

Create a comic that is an argument between 2 people.

Lesson 6

Comics Basics Track
“all in a dream” comic

If you realized you were dreaming, what would you do in that dream? Create a comic based on that scenario.

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