Comics Basics TRACK: Lesson 3, Birthday Party


Create a 4 panel comic based on a birthday party you had at some point in your life.

Cindy Qiao
comics techniques
Comics Curriculum, Point of View, Cat Huang
  • Point of View
  • Portraying the passing of time
  • Backgrounds
  • Props
Comics Curriculum, Point of View, Cat Huang
Clar Angkasa
art media

Use any art media you want: digital and/or traditional art media. Consider beforehand whether you want to do a black and white comic, or a comic with color.

Julie Sharpe
Recommended software

ProcreateKritaAdobe PhotoshopClip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAIAdobe Fresco, MediBang Paint, Gimp

Artist recommendations

Sunday Funnies: Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Pogo, Moomin

Comics Curriculum 1
Comics Curriculum

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Water Mixable Oils Still Life Painting, banner
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Sketching Ideas for Comics

See a demo of how to quickly sketch ideas for comics in Procreate.

Tips for starting include how to start designing a character for the comic, what style to use for that character, and discussing elements of comics like point of view, comic panels, timing, storytelling, and more.

Drawing demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

How to Start a Comic

Learn all the logistics and art skills you’ll need to start a comic. There are many components to the process: coming up with the idea for the comic, determining the length, the panel format, designing the environments and characters, the drawing process, figuring out what art media to work in, and more.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe and Cat Huang.

Show us what you make!

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting, Lauryn, banner