Comics Basics TRACK: Lesson 1


Create an instructional comic on how to prepare your favorite snack. You may not use any keyboard symbols in your comic: no letters, no numbers, no punctuation.

Arrows can be used to explain motions and direction in your comic.

Comics Track: Instructional Comics Prompt

Ingredients List

Start by making a list of all the ingredients used in your snack. For example, avocado toast needs olive oil, bread, avocado, onions.

Comics Track: Instructional Comics Prompt

Tools List

List all of the tools and objects you’ll need: a butter knife, a fork, a small bowl, a toaster.

Comics Track: Instructional Comics Prompt
comics techniques
Cat Huang
Cat Huang


Cat Huang, Deepti Menon

Art media

Use any art media you want: digital and/or traditional art media. Consider beforehand whether you want to do a black and white comic, or a comic with color.

Recommended software

ProcreateKritaAdobe PhotoshopClip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAIAdobe Fresco, MediBang Paint, Gimp


Ikea instructions, Maddie Sharafian

Comics Track: Instructional Comics, Ikea

Comics Curriculum 1

This video is part 1 of our comics curriculum for self-taught artists. Topics explained include the international comics industry, types of comics including webtoons, non-fiction biographies, superhero, Sunday Funnies.

Also discussed is the visual language of comics including panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages, as well as techniques like the “180 degree rule,” point of view, tangents, the “foot rule,” and more. 

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Draw an Instructional Comic

See a demo of a comics prompt: create an instructional comic that uses no symbols from a keyboard. Pick a snack that you like to prepare, and show in your comic instructions for how to create that snack.

Several comics techniques such as point of view, the “foot rule,” panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages are explained and shown in order to communicate a narrative.

Drawing demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Deepti Menon.

Show us what you make!

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting, Lauryn, banner