Colored Pencil: Drawing Monkey Bread

See a drawing demo on how to draw monkey bread with colored pencil. Learn how to approach a scene with varied textures and layered patterns.

Methods for using colored pencil include how to layer and build up color, how to choose what colors to create the sense of light in the scene, and more are demonstrated and explored.

Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • When starting a new artwork, it can be helpful to define specific goals you have for that artwork.
  • You can think about your experience with the last artwork you made and determine a goal based on that.
  • Loosening up your drawing process can be helpful in terms of keeping the drawing more flexible.
  • Avoid “coloring in” large areas of color where all of your marks are going in the same direction.
  • Varying the direction of your marks in all different ways keeps the drawing more cohesive.
  • Sometimes the very beginning of a drawing can be refreshingly “easy,” what you need to do next is often very straightforward!
  • Squinting so that you don’t get distracted by details is a good strategy when blocking in the large shapes in your composition.
  • How do you determine what type and brand of colored pencil to purchase?
  • Colored pencils really depend on the artist’s personal preference.
  • The range of colored pencils is quite broad, some brands can be soft and crumbly, while others can be stiff and hard.
  • Experiment with several colored pencil brands and see what is the best fit for the way you draw.
Clara Lieu, Bread Fairy Drawing, banner
Clara Lieu, Bread Fairy Drawing, banner

Reference Photos

Bread Fairy: Monkey Bread Brunch #24
Reference Photo Collection gif
Bread Fairy: Monkey Bread Brunch #43

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