How to Draw Glass in Soft Pastel

This video demos techniques for drawing glass using soft pastel. Glass is very challenging to draw because of the transparency! You’ll get concrete tips for how to create the illusion of glass in soft pastel that is convincing and believable. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Why is transparency so challenging to draw?
  • Interpreting a reference photo vs. Copying the reference photo
  • Not using the exact same composition as the reference photo
  • Creating muted colors by adding more layers of pastel
  • Contrasting soft vs. crisp edges
  • Squinting to see simple shapes
  • Looking for negative space between objects
  • Defining an object by building the colors around it
  • Drawing the background colors through the glass object
  • How to avoid overworking the drawing
  • Choosing what to emphasize and what to led fall back in space
  • Suggesting texture in the lace

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