Oil Pastel Portrait Drawings

This video demonstrates step by step how to draw a portrait using oil pastel. Various techniques are shown and explained that can be used to build up vibrant colors and three dimensional volume with oil pastels including layering, blending, creating a diverse range of textures and marks, and more. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Using black paper for color drawing media
  • Starting with yellow ochre
  • Smearing the oil pastel with fingers
  • Blending oil pastels
  • Drawing directly without smearing
  • Squinting while drawing
  • Drawing marks that are going in different directions
  • Creating a painterly quality
  • Types & quality of oil pastels
  • Drawing the whites of the eyes
  • Building up layers of oil pastel
  • Varying density of oil pastels
  • Natural texture of oil pastels
  • Background color in relation colors in the portrait
  • How to protect oil pastels long term
  • Steve McCurry’s photographs

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