Overrated & Underrated Artists 6

Why are some artists overrated, while others are underrated? This video provides 3 examples of overrated and 3 examples of underrated artists.

44 min. video

We explain the specific reasons why these artists receive more, or less attention over time.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Deepti Menon.

Selling Your Art: Lauryn Welch
Lauryn Welch

Video Walkthrough

  • Caravaggio had a track record of really terrible behavior in his life.
  • Do we separate the art from the artist?
  • Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder’s animation techniques is not common; they build stages for their characters and hand paint everything.
  • Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder’s films include combination of stop motion animation, live action film, painting and drawing, and more.
  • The pacing in Jacobs and Wilder’s animated films is unlike the extremely fast paced animation movies produced by big studios like Disney and Pixar.
  • Auguste Rodin is often the only historical artist who did figurative sculpture who has any visibility.
  • Medardo Rosso’s works are haunting, emotional, and have a fragility that is very powerful.
  • Many of Rosso’s sculptures were cast in plaster and then covered with a layer of beeswax, creating a translucent qual1ity.
  • Rosso’s sculptures have an impressionist look, the forms are subtle and compelling.
  • Helen Rae’s colored pencil drawing technique is not typical of what people expect from colored pencil.
  • Most colored pencil drawings online are hyperrealistic drawings, whereas Rae’s work has graphic shapes, patterns, and distorted figures.
  • Damien Hirst has extremely high visibility and yet his work often feels like a spectacle to shock his audiences.
  • Perhaps Dan Flavin’s work has to be seen in the context from which it emerged; fluorescent lights are very common today, whereas when his work was made they were not.

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

I have been doing artist lectures for a bit and it’s still a skill that I am constantly working on. And at the professional level your ability to engage during a talk can really impact people’s impression of you.

Clara Lieu, banner

I went to a lecture with Eric Fischl who I was very excited to hear speak as I have tremendous respect for him as an artist. Wow, his lecture was soooooooooo boring.

Then I saw Will Cotton speak; I’m not really a fan of his work, but he was such a good speaker (I didn’t fall asleep at his lecture, like I did at Eric Fischl’s lecture) that I ended up appreciating his work a lot more afterwards.

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