Overrated & Underrated Artists 4

Why are some artists overrated, while others are underrated? This video provides 3 examples of overrated artists, and 3 examples of underrated artists.

We explain the specific reasons why these artists receive more, or less attention over time.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe & Cat Huang.

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Mia Rozear

Video Walkthrough

  • Stop motion animation is often overlooked due to the way big animation studios have saturated the animation field.
  • Is Gerhard Richter’s artwork only engaging for it’s monumental scale and epic gallery installations?
  • What is the line between sloppy craftmanship and artwork that has personality and character?
  • The Brothers Quay are very dominant in the stop motion animation field.
  • Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña‘s use of cheap, humble materials.
  • Diana Al-Hadid is well known in the art field, but is not a household name.
  • Diana Al-Hadid’s sculptures are rich and complex in its textures and use a enormous range of materials.
  • Malika Favre’s illustrations are perfectly suited for the editorial illustration world, but also risks being repetitive.
  • The role of text and image in Ed Ruscha’s artworks.
  • Do we have expectations when it comes to seeing an artwork in a museum that has text?
  • Daniel Libeskind’s dynamic shapes and movement in his architecture.
  • Daniel Libeskind is known for his work on One World Trade Center.
  • Why does artist Tara Donovan have more visibility than Diana Al-Hadid?
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Brainstorming & Sketching a Character Design

Prof Lieu’s Tips

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