Balancing a Website with Instagram

This video provides tips on how an artist can balance their artwork on their Instagram and website, in a way that maximizes each platform and complements the other at the same time.

Artist Tina Figarelli’s website and Instagram are featured as an example of how content can be organized, presented, and delivered within the context of a website or Instagram.

Ideas and suggestions are made for how to more efficiently communicate that artist’s studio practice. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Featured Artist

Tina Figarelli

“I am currently studying as a junior at a state school for my BFA in painting. I have worked with oil paints for about 4-5 years now. I also like working with charcoal.

I tend to work a lot on the vulnerability of my subjects. In some pieces, I work directly from life. Especially in my recent pieces, I have a small collection of objects to pick and choose from.

I use myself as a model for most of my paintings, but I try and encourage the viewer to see not only a recognizable face, but a recognizable emotion.

For my submission, I am mainly looking to begin showing my work in galleries and competitions. I guess I would like to learn how to market my art more effectively, not so much in a commercial way but more into the contemporary art world.

My long term goals as an artist would be to continue my practice and mentor others as well. I am unsure if I want to go into academia, especially with the recent resurgence of mentor/student atelier style of learning. But I would like to show my work in galleries and remain a working artist.”

Tina Figarelli