5 Reasons Instagram Can Be Toxic for Artists

This video explains the ways that Instagram can have a harmful effect on artists.

It’s easy to compare yourself to other artists you see on Instagram, see all of their success, their “perfect” artworks and feel like you are the only artist in the world who struggles. We all do!

Solutions for how to combat these negative experiences are explained. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Alex Rowe.

Mia Rozear
Mia Rozear

Video Walkthrough

  • Other artists’ workspaces are beautiful
  • Everyone is a hip artist with an amazing life…except for me
    • Their life seems better than mine
    • Posting art daily
  • Every artwork on Instagram is so perfect
  • The reality of artist workspaces
    • Can I use Instagram as a portfolio?
    • Show your art process
    • Other art sharing platforms
  • Everyone else is winning awards and I got rejected 3 times this week
    • Don’t reduce your artwork to numbers
    • Comparing art achievements
  • Likes, Followers, Comments
    • Instagram is not easy
    • Instagram popularity doesn’t equal good art
Mia Rozear, Tarot Card Illustration
Mia Rozear

Emily’s Tips

I do like to listen to just about anything people have to say about my art, especially if it’s coming from a place of engagement, enthusiasm, or encouragement.

Acrylic Portrait Painting: Linda Portrait
Portrait Painting in Acrylic

The tricky part is letting myself hear it, and maybe even try acting on it a little, but not letting it entirely take over how I think about things, and not confusing it with my own thoughts.

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