December 2021 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2021 December Art Dare: depicting the same subject 20 times, in as diverse styles as possible. The 2022 February Art Dare is to take an old artwork and “cannibalize” it into a new artwork. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe.

Prize Winner

Taha Imran (Pakistan)

“I really like salt lamps. Not only do I have memories of salt lamps sitting in different parts of our house but buying them from salt mines means they are a souvenir for family trips.

For those reasons I created different compositions for each piece. I tried mediums and art style I don’t usually use and also some skills that I don’t generally use to make art.”

Taha Imran

Honorable Mention

Carolyn Smith (USA)

“Carolyn is a cancer research technologist who started taking art classes in 2017 as a form of anxiety therapy and fell in love. She has been trying to explore a different medium or style each semester and is enjoying this exploration.

She has always been drawn to bright, strong colors and enjoys using them in her art. The teacup series was a marvelous opportunity to create in a variety of styles, many of which she had not attempted before.

Carolyn Smith

Featured Entries

Karolina Gajkowska-Kuty (Germany)

Jennifer Noelle (USA)

Lionel Comeau (Canada)

Ashley Browning (USA)

Truc-Ha Duong (USA)

Judy Bagwell (USA)