October 2021 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2021 October Art Dare: Mastercopies, where participants were challenged to create a mastercopy of a drawing created before 1950, in traditional media. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Henrique Maciel (Brazil)

“At first I thought making a copy of someone else’s art wouldn’t be very interesting, I mean it’s just copying – what’s the fun in that? – But as I saw the stream and the goals of the dare I decided to give it a try.

I was so surprised. I felt so excited to try something new, and trying to understand what the artist was depicting in this portrait was fascinating. making this master copy I learned how important each stroke is in the final piece. Although in a completely different way than I used to see before.

Marks don’t determine only outlines or shapes. As in this piece, lines are used to convey dimension, texture, ‘flow’ and even a certain tactile quality that might be absent in super rendered drawings. I feel excited to try all sorts of new techniques now.”

Henrique Maciel

Honorable Mention

Pat McIlroy (Canada)

“I originally chose Durer’s Five Nudes because I had been studying anatomy through Art Prof. At that point I hadn’t really posted anything for the community to see and I was excited to take part in the art dare.

This piece seemed to be a good fit in terms of my current studies and not as intimidating to attempt as some of Durer’s other works. Wanting to replicate the original medium used, I bought some ink and a dip pen (which I had never used before). I focused on following Durer’s individual pen-strokes.

I think I learned a lot about just how much contour can be expressed with so few marks. I wish I had used a slightly finer tip, as my lines are heavier than those in the original. But I think my major takeaway from this dare is just opening up to new media and experiences.”

Pat McIlroy

Featured Entries

Svenja Imhof (Switzerland)

Maria Thomé (France)


Manette Eaton

Rita Wilbur (USA)

Autumn Seigel (USA)