September 2021 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2021 September Art Dare: Artist video shorts, where participants were challenged to create video shorts about their artistic practice. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Maya Work (Switzerland)

“I recently moved to Switzerland from Canada and I have quickly realized that trains are a very important part of Swiss culture. The public transport system here is well maintained and can get you around to even the most rural parts of the country.

I do not have a car, so consequently I have been taking the train a lot and I have begun to accumulate a lot of train tickets. I’ve started drawing on these tickets to pass the time while I am traveling and I’ve turned them into a series of sorts.

The size and shape of the tickets are perfect for little inky illustrations and I thought it would be fun to make a process video about these train ticket doodles. It was challenging to tell the story of me being late for the train and drawing on the train tickets in fifteen seconds.

While the video format isn’t completely new to me I had a lot of fun trying to fit my process into a fifteen second clip, and I hope to make more, perhaps longer ones, in the future.”

Maya Work
Maya Work

Honorable Mention

Johanna Lee (USA)

“For September’s Art Dare this year, I felt immediately intimidated by the premise of creating an art short video. Because of this, I knew it was probably worth it to step outside of my comfort zone in featuring both myself and my artwork in the same promotional video.

I started with storyboarding some concepts and ultimately decided I wanted to do a ‘Meet the Artist’ sort of video short that would feature me as an artist in my ‘natural environment,’ making some art.

I love watching reels with dynamic content, so I included some of my favorite materials/mediums spinning on a lazy-Susan to add visual diversity.

Overall, I’m so happy I went outside of my comfort zone because I not only feel more confident as an artist and creator, but also my audience reach on Instagram increased by 7,000%+ month over month as a direct result of posting the reel. I can’t wait to make more!”

Johanna Lee
Johanna Lee

Featured Entries

Diana Gontapi (Chile)
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Espen H. (Norway)
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Sal Devito (USA)
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