Painting Curriculum 2

Part 2 of this painting curriculum provides painting prompts that will stimulate all areas of painting, and that can be done in any paint media: color, brushwork, thumbnails, composition, and more in order to gain a well rounded skill set in painting. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe.

Video Walkthrough

  • Abstract painting prompts
  • Mark making prompts
  • Tools & additives
  • Sky paintings
  • Texture & taste paintings
  • Still life prompts
  • Monochrome still lifes
  • Complementary color still lifes
  • Complementary color underpainting
  • Self-Portrait palette knife painting
  • Mood portraits
  • Chiaroscuro portraits
  • Night paintings
  • White on white paintings

Artists Mentioned


The complete Painting for Self-taught Artists Curriculum document links to every video that expands on the topics touched here.

Full Curriculum

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