Sketchbook Prompts 3

This video shows several art prompts that you can use to get going in your sketchbook!

82 min. video

Often times the toughest part of the artistic process is how to begin, and these prompts will get your creative juices flowing.

Demo led by Teaching Artists Jordan McCracken-Foster and Deepti Menon.

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Video Walkthrough

  • Prompt 1: Create a character or your worst trait and your best trait.
  • Prompt 2: Create a drawing based on the most recent text message you received.

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

When was teaching in academia, there was often there was an assumption among students that the more open ended prompts would be easier.

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3D Design: Chipboard

Actually the open ended prompts were the ones that students struggled with the most. There were infinite options for how to respond to the prompt, that often the process of simply starting was overwhelming for many students.

I liked to give a range of prompts, so some that were super specific and others that were very broad. That ways students have different experiences and can figure out what is the best fit for them.

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I know a lot of people who are in illustration who find the prompts very motivating, whereas others find specific prompts to be stifling. It all depends on the artist.