What Should Be in a Sketchbook?

A lot of artists worry about what “should” be in their sketchbook, the answer is, ANYTHING!

41 min. video

Contrary to the sketchbooks you see on Instagram, real artist sketchbooks are a mess, full of scraps of ideas, crummy looking doodles and drawings, and are rarely finished.

Sketching Architecture: Jerónimos Monastery
Sketching Architecture: Jerónimos Monastery

See what your sketchbook “should” be: a glorious mess of whatever. Discussion is led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Deepti Menon and Cat Huang.

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  • Your sketchbook is ANYTHING you want it to be
  • Sketchbooks on social media are heavily curated
  • Cheap sketchbooks can be great!
  • CalArts sketchbook videos
  • A sketchbook can be a safe place
  • Sketchbooks are “primordial” soup for artists
31 second video