Character Design TRACK

Our Character Design Track will help you sharpen your fundamental skills in order to help you create your own innovative character designs.

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Lesson 4 • Lesson 5 • Lesson 6

We will cover essential skills and topics like shape language, the psychology of color, turnarounds, expressions, poses, thumbnail sketchessilhouette, story, and more.

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Character Design, Exploring Style


Do the track at your own pace! Taking the time to process the content is important, and so we don’t advise putting pressure on yourself to finish the track quickly. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of learning! Hear Prof Lieu’s explanation of the track in this video.

Share your progress

Post your ongoing progress in the #artprof-tracks channel in our Discord, you’ll get support and feedback from the community! Tag us on Instagram with #artproftrack so we can share your work.

Character Design, Story & Exploration
Tamara Miller

Art Media

You can use digital media, traditional media, or even a combination of the two. Below are suggestions to explore, and get more ideas on Part 1 of our Drawing Curriculum.


ProcreateKritaAdobe PhotoshopClip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAIAdobe FrescoMediBang PaintGimp


ballpoint pen, gel pensdip penbrush pen markerscolored pencil, pencil, ink wash, Faber-Castell Pitt pens, Molotow markers, India Ink, Drawing Ink, Concentrated Watercolor, Rapidograph pen, alcohol brush pens, Fineliner Pens, Copic markers, Felt tip pen

Lesson 1


Shape Language: sketch 3 characters (from other popular designs) and use shape to communicate the feeling of them being cute, strong and dangerous.

Lesson 2


Story & Exploration: choose an occupation and/or title for your character and draw 6 thumbnail sketches of your character.

Lesson 3


Style: draw your character in different styles, referencing shows and movies if you like.

Lesson 4


Color psychology: color a thumbnail in 3 different ways.

Lesson 5


Turnaround: complete a 3/4 front and 3/4 rear pose for your character.

Lesson 6


Expressions & Poses: Draw your character in action, doing dynamic poses.


  1. Submit your track images + info via this upload form.
  2. You can choose to receive a hard copy certificate from us via snail mail. (this includes international people)
  3. We’ll feature your track work in an Art Prof Share segment in one of our live streams on YouTube.
  4. We’ll post your name, a link of your choice, your slideshow, and video feature on the corresponding track page in our student gallery area.