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Table of Contents Photos & text by Vivian Cromwell California College of the Arts California College of the Arts is in a quiet part of San Francisco. Two years of campus dorms are guaranteed, and there is additional housing for juniors and seniors. About 900 out of 1500 students live on campus. The three most […]

Worst MFA Portfolio Mistakes

Don’t waste your time with these mistakes most MFA applicants make in their portfolios! Getting the right information for your MFA is important so you aren’t headed in the wrong direction. There is unfortunately a ton of misinformation online about preparing an MFA portfolio, this video provides trusted, accurate information. Discussion with Art Prof Clara […]

6 Worst Mistakes When Starting Any Art Portfolio

Here are 6 critical mistakes that are common when starting a portfolio for any professional context: applying for a degree program, a teaching job, freelance illustration, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artisst Jordan McCracken-Foster and Mia Rozear. Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips In general, if you are doing something […]

Art School Portfolios Group Voice Session Schedule

May 2024 Wed May 22 @ 10pm EST Prof Lieu Thurs May 30 @ 10pm EST Prof Lieu June 2024 Mon June 3 @ 10pm EST Prof Lieu Wed June 12 @ 10pm EST Prof Lieu Tues June 18 @ 10pm EST Prof Lieu Tues June 28 @ 10pm EST Lauryn

2025 Guide to MFA Art School Portfolios

research Programs portfolio: Start here portfolio content artist statement Letters of rec 1 on 1 SUPPORT group support photographing artwork interviews statement & resume CRITIQUES Prof lieu Q&A After art school art school issues attending art school

2025 Art School Portfolios Groups

Our Art School Portfolio Group provides ongoing support and feedback for students applying/transferring to a BFA, MFA, or post-baccalaureate program. To participate, you’ll need to join our Discord server. Table of Contents Do I need to be applying this year to join? What kind of feedback do I get? Voice sessions “I feel that Prof […]

How to Get Letters of Recommendation for an MFA Application

Many MFA candidates struggle with how to get a letter of recommendation from for their graduate school application. Find out who you can ask for a letter, and the etiquette surrounding that request. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch. Video Walkthrough

Which MFA Programs Should I Apply To?

There are so many MFA programs out there, how can you make decisions about where to apply? While it’s understandable that many MFA candidates want to apply to the top programs, there are many other options out there that could be a much better fit to your goals as an artist. Discussion by Art Prof […]

MFA Application & Portfolio Advice

RISD Graduate Printmaking Professor Andrew Raftery speaks to Art Prof Clara Lieu, providing advice on how to prepare an MFA application. They discuss the portfolio, writing the artist statement, getting letters of recommendation, when to attend, and more. Raftery regularly reviews MFA applications for the RISD MFA Printmaking program and shares insights based on those […]

Artist Statement Editing Services

Writing artist statements, project proposals for grant & residency applications, resumes, and cover letters are all necessities for artists. Table of Contents Whether you are applying for an MFA or BFA program, preparing an artist statement for an exhibition, applying for an animation job, these written docs are essential towards realizing your goals as an […]

Purchase an Artist Call

An artist call with our staff of seasoned professional artists is a great way to get customized support that fits your needs as an artist. Table of Contents Customized support is necessary to make progress There is definitely a limit to how much you can absorb from content online on your own. At a certain […]

Purchase a Portfolio Critique

A portfolio critique is a terrific opportunity to get a comprehensive look into your studio practice, artistic goals, and development. For many artists, getting an insightful critique and support is hard to find. Our staff provide a professional opinion that is aligned with their related industries in the art world. Who are portfolio critiques for? […]

MFA Interview Tips

This video provides concrete tips on how to go about interviews for MFA programs in studio art. Covering the types of topics you will likely be expected to discuss, as well as logistical parts on how to handle the interview process. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch. Video Walkthrough […]

MFA Portfolios TRACK: Lesson 4, MFA Interviews

MFA interviews Getting an interview is great news! This means the school is interested in your candidacy and they want to know more about you as an artist. That said, interviews are always nerve-wracking! Practicing what to say out loud, and how to say it is a great way to prepare. practice questions Practice MFA […]

MFA Portfolios TRACK: Lesson 3, Curriculum Vitae

Artist Curriculum Vitae Write your curriculum vitae, which is a comprehensive list of your work experience, exhibition history, awards, residencies, publications, and more. curriculum vitae tips letters of recommendation Write a list of 4-6 people who you can approach to write you a letter of recommendation. The people do not necessarily have to be former […]

MFA Portfolios TRACK: Lesson 2, MFA Statements

Prompt Write 3 artist statements of varying lengths, that provide insight into your art practice and materials. You can write the statements so they encompass your overall practice, or statements that are focused on one specific project. 1 sentence statement This is your elevator pitch: what if you have 2 min. with someone at an […]

MFA Portfolios TRACK: Lesson 1, Portfolio Self-Critique

Prompt Self-critique the current state of your portfolio and create a plan of action for how you will develop your portfolio. Weed out class assignments Any artworks that are obviously assignments from a class should be removed: sketches of a nude model posing in class, color exercises, a still life that an instructor set up […]

MFA Portfolios Track

The MFA Portfolios Track will lay out all the materials you’ll need to provide to apply to an MFA program in studio art. An MFA portfolio requires a level of maturity and engagement with critical thinking. Lesson 1 • Lesson 2 • Lesson 3 • Lesson 4 A sampling of homework assignments from your undergraduate degree isn’t going to […]

How to Write an Artist CV & Resume

Writing an effective artist CV and resume is hugely important to pursue job and career opportunities as an artist. This video explains in great detail what should or should not be included in an artist CV. Tips on how to format a CV differently depending on where you are sending your CV for review. Discussion […]

Should I Get an MFA?

How do you decide if you should get an MFA program in studio art? A lot of the decision is based on a number of factors, is enrolling in an MFA program worth the time and cost? This video addresses the many reasons why people attend MFA programs and weighs the pros and cons. Do […]

How to Prepare an MFA Art Portfolio

The process of preparing a portfolio for an MFA studio art requires a level of maturity and engagement with critical thinking. At the MFA level, the concerns shift from technical skills to developing a unique artistic vision. This video explores the challenges and strategies that come with preparing an MFA portfolio. Discussion led by Art […]

How to Write an Artist Statement

A complete guide Artist statements often feel like a contradiction for many artists, and it’s a process that most us dread as artists. Asking someone who is used to expressing themselves visually to write a statement feels unfair, if we were good at writing we would have been writers!  However, artist statements are an important […]

How To Photograph Your 2D & 3D Art

This video provides a comprehensive look at how to photograph your 2D & 3D artwork, showing common problems and with practical techniques to achieve photos that will accurately represent your artwork. Having high quality photos of your artwork is more important today than ever: you need photos of your artwork for your website, social media, […]

List of MFA & Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Low Residency MFA Post-Baccalaureate MFA Programs, International canada italy Sweden United kingdom MFA Programs, USA alabama arizona arkansas california connecticut colorado dc florida georgia iowa idaho illinois indiana kansas kentucky massachusetts maryland maine michigan minnesota montana new jersey new york ohio oregon pennsylvania rhode island south carolina tennessee texas utah virginia vermont wisconsin