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Jeff Katz

“Since I applied almost exclusively to liberal arts colleges, cultivating a good portfolio took a backseat to essay-writing in my application process. In fact, if I hadn’t participated in a pre-college program the summer before, there was no way I would have been able to create anything approaching an adequate collection. Lucky for me, I had enough variety to convey to the one art school I applied to that I was willing to experiment with media I was unfamiliar with.”

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Emma Ratner

“Building my portfolio for art school admission felt like a whirlwind, it required a lot of time, focus, and determination. At a summer pre-college program I attended, I learned so much that my art changed drastically and I was only happy with the work I produced onward.

My art portfolio building experience was concentrated into a couple of months in which I learned to place value on clear decision-making, and emphasize artistic problem solving. It was a crazy period but the push to consistently produce pieces led me to fall even more in love with art (as cliché as it sounds) and proved that art school was for me.”

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Elizabeth Yuan

“My experience in preparing an art portfolio was very natural as I did not know I wanted to go to an art school. The summer pre-college art program I attended definitely helped this process a lot and I encourage anyone to go to a summer pre-college art program if they can.

Although I think that lack of a thoughtful theme hurt my body of work a little bit, it is important to always draw what you like and learn from this process rather than stress over it.”

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Olivia Hunter

My decision to apply to art school was a result of attending a summer pre-college art program.  This meant that I had only half of a school year to prepare artworks I already had, and to create new ones. One thing that I focused on was creating a portfolio that demonstrated my ability to create in various media after being encouraged repeatedly that art schools want to see variety within your works.

I took a couple of art classes at my high school, and some outside of school.  With these classes and creating art on my own, I was able to compile a diverse art portfolio that got accepted to six out of the seven schools I applied to!

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Rachel Shin

“Developing my portfolio was quite a stressful but fulfilling experience for me, as many of the schools I applied to were looking for different things. For that, I was able to create an abundant amount of art to fulfill the requirements needed for each school.

I unfortunately did not have a strong art program at the high school I attended, and it was a lot of self motivation because of that. I have been very fortunate however to have been able to attend a summer pre-college program. This helped me develop my skills needed for my college portfolio. Throughout this process, I was really able to understand the types of artwork and mediums that are enjoyable for me. From this, I was able to focus my skills on creating more conceptually adept and narrative works of art.”

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Maya Sternberg

“Applying to art school was a very interesting situation for me. After becoming used to sharing my art for reaction and feedback, I now had to send my pieces off without knowing who is going to see them and what they think. I feel that this notion forced me to push my art skills beyond their limits, and to manage my time even better than before.

The entire process was a huge learning experience for me, and having to juggle it with everything else going on in my life (senior year, extracurriculars, family, etc.) allowed me to see how I function under such a great amount of pressure.”

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Cecilia Cao

“Creating an art portfolio for art school certainly was not easy; it required significant of dedication and planning, as well as resilience for sticking to a theme. Everything had to be carefully considered, from the materials I used to seeing how the artworks interacted with one another when placed in the same space.

I wanted to make sure that the people viewing my art portfolio had a good grasp on my skill and familiarity with all mediums, as well as my ability to think conceptually.”

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Eugenia Yoh

“Preparing for my art portfolio for college admission was one of the most enjoyable and stressful times of my life. One one hand, the experience could be perceived as pleasurable, mostly because my mom forced me to draw. (and not many juniors could say that during the pinnacle of their academic career) However, it was also frustrating.  As you could imagine, trying to blend outside figure drawing courses with an unpredictable grade point average does not make a great smoothie.

Fortunately, attending Orange County School of the Arts allowed me to produce a fair quantity of work and continuing my studies at a summer pre-college art program greatly helped me build my portfolio. Perhaps the hardest challenge to overcome was not the action of creating the art, but the psychological endurance to keep going in order to meet the rapidly approaching deadline.”

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Caffrey Fielding

“Preparing a portfolio was all about creating as much work as possible. It was much less stressful to create new work without predetermined goals, rather than make work specifically for my portfolio. Then I was able to select the best images I had from a larger group.”

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