Workshop: How to Shoot Photos for Social Media

The photos you shoot for social media are the most critical part of having an effective online presence that represents your studio practice.

In this workshop, you’ll get customized feedback on your social media photos, and learn how to tweak your process to create content that is engaging to your audience.

Instagram: Clara Lieu
Prof Lieu

We’ll address how to find ideas for photos as well as technical aspects including photo editing, getting good lighting, achieving accurate color, and more.

Social Media: Mia Rozear
Mia Rozear

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“Overall, I had a great experience using Discord. I didn’t have to take notes! All the knowledge and conversations are saved. The people in the workshop were very open and assistive to bring up topics I wouldn’t dream of thinking of.”

Watch a Sample Workshop

Watch a sample workshop: Selling Your Art

How it Works


Before the workshop

  • Students receive access to the Premium Workshop channels.
  • Hang out in the workshop channels so we can see your artwork and site, and chat about your goals to make the workshop more efficient.
  • Please know that if you have no experience with Discord, it does take some time to get set up and learn how Discord works.
  • Watch this 53 second tour of our Discord for a preview.
  • We highly recommend joining several days before the workshop date so you can learn the ropes, troubleshoot any problems, and get help from us to make the workshop run as smoothly as possible for you.
Social Media: Photographing Art

During the workshop

  • Each student speaks on voice with Prof Lieu and Mia, speaking about their shorts.
  • While Prof Lieu, Mia, and a student are on voice, other students in the workshop make suggestions and interact with each other in the workshop channel.
  • If there is time, we will do a Q&A where anyone can ask questions on voice.

After the workshop

  • A recording of the workshop will be available to workshop participants. The recording will not be available to the public.
  • Students have access to the Premium Workshop channels for one week after the workshop date. Ask follow up questions, share resources, and more.

“The workshop guide was great and well prepared. The Art Prof website and resources were terrific, it’s so great to have the warm-up videos and reference photos before the event to get prepared.”

Premium Workshops: Video Shorts

Student info

  • Limit 10 students
  • Enrollment is first come, first serve
  • All students are required to join our Discord to participate.


  • We will confirm whether the track is running by the Wednesday after the Friday registration deadline.
  • If the track does not run, you will receive a full refund no later than a week from the Friday registration deadline.
Mia Rozear
Mia Rozear


  • All payments are non-refundable if the workshop runs.
  • Students must join our Discord at least 24 hours before the workshop starts. There are no refunds if you do not join within this time frame.
  • There are no refunds if a student is late or does not attend the workshop for any reason.
  • We only issue refunds if the workshop does not run due to lack of enrollment.


About our Staff

Prof Lieu has 15 years of teaching studio art at the college level, and was an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2007-2020.

Mia Rozear is an illustrator and painter. Mia edits our shorts for all of Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok. She ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for her tarot card project.

Selling Art: Art Fairs, Mia Rozear