Comics Curriculum 1

This video is part 1 of a comics curriculum for self-taught artists. Topics explained include the international comics industry, types of comics including webtoons, non-fiction biographies, superhero, Sunday Funnies.

Also discussed is the visual language of comics including panels, speech bubbles, spreads, and pages, as well as techniques like the “180 degree rule,” point of view, tangents, the “foot rule,” and more. 

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Digital Illustration, Cat Huang
Cat Huang

Video Walkthrough

  • The comics world is gigantic!
  • If you want to make comics, it’s very important to read a LOT of comics that are diverse.
  • Cave paintings can be considered comics: they are images that tell a story.
  • People often assume comics are just superhero stories.
  • Watch our videos on must read manga: part 1 & part 2.
  • 3 Big Comic Industries Today
    • France/Belgium (BD)
    • America (comics)
    • Japan (manga)
  • Types of Comics
    • Instructional
    • Super Hero
    • Sunday Funnies
    • Nonfiction Biographies
    • Web Comics
    • Editorial
    • Animated Gif Comics
    • Memes
  • Comics Vocabulary
    • Panels: all shapes and sizes
    • You don’t always need a panel
    • Pages
    • Spreads: when an image goes across 2 pages.
    • Speech Bubbles can change shape based on the expression.
  • How do You Read Comics?
    • Left to right, top to bottom
    • Tezuka manipulates the order of drawing to fit the narrative.
    • Panels are not read the same way throughout the world.
  • Writing skills are very important to have to be a comics artist.
  • Taking a writing class can be useful to hone your skills for your comics.
  • To improve your writing skills, read a comic several times, analyze the writing each time.,
  • Comics Techniques
    • 180° Rule
    • Point of View
    • Foot Rule
    • Direction
    • Tangents
Nostalgia, Graphic Novel by Cat Huang
Cat Huang

Comics mentioned

Web Comics

Animated Gif Comics

Cat Huang, banner
Cat Huang

Bandes Dessinées

Manga Books

Cat Huang, banner
Cat Huang

Sunday Funnies

Cat Huang, banner
Cat Huang

Non-fiction Comics

Superhero Comics

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Cat Huang

Comics Resources

Full Curriculum

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