Comics Curriculum 2

This video is part 2 of our comics curriculum for self-taught artists which reviews prompts and exercise for practicing your comics skills, comics history, what comics are like today, and more resources for learning comics on your own.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Nostalgia, Graphic Novel by Cat Huang
Cat Huang

Video Walkthrough

  • Comics history
  • Where did comics begin?
  • The Bayeux Tapestry can be considered a comic, it’s sequential art that tells a story.
  • The Yellow Kid started as a journalistic comic.
  • Winsor McCay was a landmark comic artist and animator.
  • Where have you seen a comic, that wasn’t labeled as a comic?
  • The visual language of Nancy is extremely simple, which allows them to have broader appeal.
  • Becassine was a comic about an everyday person in regular life.
  • A lot of comics have been transformed into video games and movies, many people don’t know they started as comics.
  • Golden age of comics: 1938 – 1956 in the United States. ‘
  • Consider that color can really inform a story.
  • Typically people associate comics with superhero comic
  • Where should you start if you have a very ambitious comic in mind?
  • You need to gain a lot of skills first before starting a big comic project.
  • Comics prompts
  • Art media for comics
    • Non photo blue pencils
    • Pencils & drafting tools
    • Pen & inks, paper, erasers, markers, dip pens
  • Basic skills for comics
  • In comics you really have to draw everything: people, animals, spaces, props, buildings, etc.
  • Long Term Comic Projects
    • You have to be prepared to draw things multiple times in comics.
    • A big comic project requires a lot of stamina and planning.
    • Do your research! You’ll need to portray subjects accurately.
  • Writing for comics
    • Many comic artists don’t consider story and writing enough.
    • Writing a script for your comic can be very useful.
  • Printing hard copy comics
    • People really appreciate hard copy comics.
    • Try different formats: zines, art books, print on demand.
    • Cat’s Mama Bruja comic
Cat Huang
Cat Huang

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