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How to Carve Custom Rubber Stamps

00:03  Mail artist Chuck Welch
01:11   Types of Speedy Cut
01:55   Wrens in a birdhouse in NH
02:37   Pencil drawing

03:19   Brush pen drawing
03:54   Transfer process
04:54   Carving the Speedy Cut
08:23   Printing

10:19   Many wrens
11:21    Embossing powder
13:02   Heat gun
14:35   Bloopers

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Create a rubber stamp.

Core Ideas

Shape, Pattern, Repetition, Line

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Materials provided by Speedball

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Art Prof Caution

Utility knives and linoleum cutters are extremely sharp and it’s really easy to cut yourself by accident!  We recommend wearing a kevlar glove on your hand which is not cutting to prevent injuries.


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Embossing Powder
X-acto knife
Rives BFK Paper
Art Supplies: Heat Gun
Art Supplies: Pencil
Art Supplies: Stamp Pad
Brush Pen Drawing
Rubber Stamps
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