Animation Curriculum 2

This video explains in depth the many types of animation that exist, including 3D, hand drawn, stop motion, gifs, zoetropes, flip books, and more. The landscape of animation today as well as the professional development skills necessary to work as an animator today are explored as well. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon.

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Artists Mentioned


The complete Animation for Self-taught Artists Curriculum document links to every video that expands on the topics touched here.

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TV Shows & BooksMentioned
  • Steven Universe, 2013
  • Hey Arnold, 1996
  • The Gumby Show, 1955
  • Midnight Gospel, 2020
Films Mentioned
  • The Rabbi’s Cat, 2011
  • Claws for Alarm, 1954
  • Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within, 2001
  • Princess Mononoke, 1997
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993
  • Curse of the Were Rabbit, 2005
  • Tron, 1982
  • Inside Out, 2015
  • Toy Story, 1995
  • Facing It, 2018, Sam Gainsborough
  • Creativity, Inc., Amy Wallace and Edwin Catmull