Animation Curriculum

The complete Animation Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 2 videos. The Curriculum’s document is a complementary resource for both videos. Animation Part 1 Animation Part 2

Animation Curriculum 2

This video explains in depth the many types of animation that exist, including 3D, hand drawn, stop motion, gifs, zoetropes, flip books, and more. The landscape of animation today as well as the professional development skills necessary to work as an animator today are explored as well. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Animation Curriculum 1

This video outlines the basic principles of animation including movement, timing, weight, and personality, as well as strategies for storytelling like exaggeration and anticipation. Historical animators and their role in developing the field of animation are discussed, as are essential skills like line, color, and gesture that are necessary to be an animator. Discussion led […]