Digital Basics TRACK: Lesson 2


Choose one of your character designs from the ongoing assignment. Draw 5 contrasting facial expressions for that character using only line and flat colors.

Suggestions for facial expressions

confused, furious, disgusted, heartbroken, flirty, lethargic, anxious, jealous, nervous, disappointed, proud, perky, feisty, apathetic


Look into a mirror as you draw, try out different facial expressions in the mirror to get ideas for how to draw your character’s face.

Consider what color scheme would be a good fit for the facial expression you are drawing.

Digital Techniques
  • Brush opacity
  • Color picking
  • Color bucket
  • Selection tool – lasso tool


Artworks by James, Steen, CrissieRobynTamara

Character Design: Facial Expressions

Drawing a wide range of facial expressions is a great skill for character design! In this drawing tutorial, prompts for different facial expressions are provided: confused, furious, disgusted, heartbroken, and flirty. This video explores different ways of achieving a expression with Procreate. Demo led by Teaching Artists Deepti Menon and Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Color Palettes for Characters

This video demonstrates how to create several different color palettes for one character design, exploring how color can be used to establish a specific mood or personality in a character and how to group colors to work effectively with each other. Demo led by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Jordan McCracken-Foster

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