We want to provide equal access to visual arts education for people of all ages and means. In most schools, visual arts programs are meager or simply do not exist.  Private art classes and higher education programs are not affordable for most people. Art Prof provides a unique opportunity for a global community to access a free visual arts education.


Clara Lieu, Art Prof & Adjunct Professor at RISD

Clara Lieu

Art Prof & Partner

Thomas Lerra

Partner, Executive Producer,
Director of Strategy & Planning

Alex Hart

Director of Integrated Production

How is Art Prof free?

Clara Lieu, Thomas Lerra, and Alex Hart currently work on a volunteer basis. For Art Prof to be free in the future, our staff need to be compensated, as our current model is not sustainable. The creation of this site was funded by our Kickstarter.

A monthly donation from you will make it possible for Art Prof to continue to be free for all.


Teaching Assistants

Deepti Menon

Filmmaker & Animator

Casey Roonan

Illustrator & Comics Artist

Annie Irwin

Painter, Weaver, Textiles Artist

Alex Rowe, Art Prof Teaching Assistant

Alex Rowe

Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Lauryn Welch, Art Prof Teaching Assistant

Lauryn Welch

Painter & Performance Artist

Yves-Olivier Mandereau

Ceramic Artist



Janice Chun

Designer & Editor

Janice Chun is an animator, cartoonist, and filmmaker with a strong passion to make others laugh. Her love for nature and outer space inspires many of her films and artwork.
Olivia Hunter, Art Prof Designer & Production Assistant

Olivia Hunter

Designer & Project Assistant

Olivia is a graphic design student who has an interest in advertising and editorial work. She also enjoys painting and photography.

2016 Interns

Makoto Kumasaka

Makoto is a furniture design student who enjoys working in video and making sculptural objects.

Vuthy Lay

Vuthy is an architecture student who has interests in community and urban design.

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is an Illustration student who enjoys drawing with ink and exploring human interactions.

Jordan McCracken-Foster

Jordan is an Illustration student who has interest in animation and book publishing..

Tatiana Florival

Tatiana is a Painting student who is interested in investigating ideas of home and homelessness through painting and new media.

Annelise Yee

Annelise is a Jewelry and Metalsmithing student who enjoys exploring less conventional forms of jewelry.

Enrico Giori

Enrico is an art student who is greatly interested in working with experimental media and processes.

Julia Orenstein

Julia Orenstein is an astronomy student who enjoys making art and music in her free time.

Special Thanks