Gestural Portraits Premium Workshop

This 1 day workshop is a chance to get substantial, focused drawing practice. You’ll learn about ways to quickly establish a convincing structure in the human face while capturing compelling facial expressions that convey emotion and depth.

Gesture Drawing: Portrait Premium Workshop

Here is your opportunity to work with attention and comprehensive support from Prof Lieu and the Art Prof staff!

Enrollment is open!

Instructor: Prof Lieu

Saturday, October 8
12pm-3pm EST

$60 USD

Registration Deadline: Friday, Sept 30

To register

Pay via Paypal + fill out our registration form

How it Works

  1. Students choose 2 of our Timed Drawing Videos with portraits to draw from during the workshop.
  2. First 2 hours: students draw and take occasional breaks to post their drawings into the Discord text channel.
  3. First 2 hours: on voice, Prof Lieu continually critiques drawings as they are posted in the Discord text channel.
  4. Last hour: in the Discord voice channel, each student will speak on voice with Prof Lieu about their experience drawing.
  5. After the workshop, Prof Lieu will write a paragraph for each student which has a review of the student’s artwork made during the workshop + suggestions for how to move forward.
Premium Workshops: Discord Critiques

Student info

  • Limit 12 students
  • Enrollment is first come, first serve
  • All students are required to be in our Discord.
Portrait Drawing: Soft Pastel
Soft Pastel Tutorial: Female Portrait


  • We require 7 students to run the workshop.
  • We will confirm whether the track is running by the Wednesday after the Friday registration deadline.
  • If the track does not run, you will receive a full refund no later than a week from the Friday registration deadline.


  • All payments are non-refundable if the workshop runs.
  • There are no refunds for if a student is late to the workshop.
  • We only issue refunds if the workshop does not run due to lack of enrollment.


About our Staff

Prof Lieu has 15 years of teaching studio art at the college level, and was an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2007-2020. See Prof Lieu’s full CV.

Drawing Portraits with Conté Crayon

Art Supplies

We understand that many people have limited budgets for supplies, so our premium workshops are structured so that you can use any materials you want, within that workshop’s focus.

Supply Lists: Drawing Media

overview of drawing suppliesballpoint pen/gel pensdip penbrush pen markersCaran d’Ache crayonsgraphite powdercolored pencilsoft pasteloil pastelpencil, charcoalink washscratchboardoil sticks


Digital Tool Recommendations, ProcreateKritaAdobe PhotoshopClip Studio PaintPaint Tool SAIAdobe FrescoMediBang PaintGimp

Purchase an artist call, Clara Lieu