How To Become an Animator

What does it take to become an animator in the animation industry? This video explains all the skills that are necessary to work as an animator, as well as tips for how to connect with other professionals working in the field. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu, who interviews animator & storyboard artist Janice […]

Starting Freelance Illustration Career

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to start a career as a freelancer in editorial illustration. This video explains specific, concrete initiatives you can take to get your career freelance illustration jump started, as well as the challenges that come with a career in this field. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu, who […]

How to Sell Your Art Online

There is now a multitude of options for selling your art, many more than existed a few decades ago thanks to the Internet. You have to troubleshoot which venue is most appropriate for you and your work, as different venues will provide different results. My suggestion would be to experiment with different venues and see […]

How Do I Know My Artwork is Finished?

How do you know your artwork is finished??? In every artwork, it’s never clear when an artwork is done! This video provides tips for signals in your creative process that you can look for. What are visual cues in your artwork that you can look for to determine whether your artwork is finished or not? […]

5 Tips for a Home Art Studio

Here are 5 tips for setting up an effective art studio at home, explaining methods for creating an alert, productive mindset in place for the home studio as well as practical aspects such as keeping your space clean and functional. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Alex Rowe. […]

Artists & Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is an ongoing concern for many artists. All artists experience imposter syndrome at some point, no matter how accomplished or experienced you are! This video explores several solutions than can get you to shift away from toxic thinking patterns. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe and Eloise […]

Self Promotion Mistakes Artists Should Avoid

How do you promote yourself as an artist without being too pushy? This video explains what practices to avoid when promoting your artwork online. Factors such as appropriate online etiquette, fostering a professional relationship first before asking for help, will let you avoid the risk of coming across as pushy and self absorbed. Discussion led […]

Staff Art Book Picks

A mix of inspirational, educational and just fun books to nurture your developing artist. Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks Video: Book Picks 1 Video: Book Picks 2 Video: Manga Picks 1 Video: Manga Picks 2 Prof Lieu & Jordan’s Pick Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks […]

Artist Grants

Overview More details Sculpture Student Elizabeth GreenshieldsCollege Art AssociationPaul & Daisy SorosWorldstudio AIGA  Comics Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship Film LEF Foundation Photography Aaron Siskand Foundation Professional GuggenheimPollock-Krasner FoundationPuffin FoundationFulbright ProgramWilliam H. Johnson PrizeArtist ReliefAwesome FoundationAdolph & Esther Gottlieb FoundationSustainable Arts FoundationBarbara Deming Memorial FundCreative CapitalHarpo FoundationElizabeth GreenshieldsRuth & Harold ChenvenFoundation for Contemporary Arts Painting Lillian […]

Artist Residencies

Overview More details Printmaking Ceramics New York State Sharpe-Walentas Studio ProgramArts Letters & NumbersYaddoBlue Mountain CenterMillay ColonyOmi International Arts Center New England Truro Center for the ArtsProvincetown Fine Arts Work CenterRadcliffe InstituteSkowhegan SchoolVermont Studio CenterMacDowell ColonyNXTHVN Studio/CuratorialCanterbury Shaker Village USA Anderson Ranch ArtsBemis CenterBernheim ArboretumElsewhere StudiosJentel Artist ResidencyMFA Houston, Core ProgramOx-Bow School of ArtRaIR FoundationUcross […]