Art Internships

Internships for artists can be valuable experiences, but they can also be experiences that are grunt work that have very little value. Internships in art can be helpful, but they are not required to have a career in the arts, and often do not have as much value as is placed on them Learn about […]

How to Start Learning Art History

Get concrete tips on how to get started learning art history in an accessible manner that is fun and easily done at your own pace. With so many centuries of artworks from cultures across the globe, how do you even know where to begin? This video provides strategies for how to tailor your learning experience […]

Overrated & Underrated Artists 4

Why are some artists overrated, while others are underrated? This video provides 3 examples of overrated artists, and 3 examples of underrated artists. We explain the specific reasons why these artists receive more, or less attention over time. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe & Cat Huang. Video Walkthrough […]

How to Create an Artist Website

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to build and organize an effective artist website. Creating a clean, easy to navigate artist website is surprisingly difficult with a whole host of challenges. Get practical advice for simple actions you can take to clean up and reorganize your artist website so it can better serve your […]

Social Media for Artists

This video provides the basics of how artists can use social media to promote their artwork. Find out which social media platform is best suited to your needs as a visual artist, and learn concrete strategies which will help you use social media effectively. Learn about the social media platforms available, and get practical, straightforward […]

Artist Business TRACK

The Artist Business Track will give you a solid foundation of content, presented in a professional manner to help launch your career as an artist. Ongoing AssignmentLesson 1 • Lesson 2 • Lesson 3Lesson 4 • Lesson 5 • Lesson 6 Whether you want to sell, network, or engage with an audience this track will get you to form a strategy for […]

Artist Guilt

Many artists feel guilt about so many things: not being productive enough, not making the artwork they “should” be making, not achieving their goals quickly enough as an artist, even just for using expensive art supplies! This video explores the many layers of guilt experienced by artists. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

How to Deal with Artist Burnout

Artist burnout happens to all artists, so what do you do when it happens? This video provides pre-emptive measures you can take to prevent artist burnout from happening Coping strategies are explained, which you can initiate when despite all your best efforts, you get burned out. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist […]

Creative Merch Ideas

This video provides ideas for creating merch that goes beyond the typical T-shirt or mug. Items like wrapping paper, textiles, pins, tattoos, and more can create unusual items that are more distinctive. Learn about how to match specific artworks to different merch formats so you maximize the visual impact of both merch and artwork. Discussion […]

I Hate My Art, What Do I Do?

Do you look at what you create as an artist and just hate everything about it? This is a really common reaction to our own artwork, we are our own toughest critics. This video explains coping strategies for how to shift your mindset when you experience this frustrating situation as an artist. Discussion led by […]

Is Instagram Over for Artists?

Instagram is changing, prioritizing video over photos. Is Instagram over for artists who rely on the platform to promote their artwork? With social media changes, it can be really challenging for artists to know what to do. Do you seek out other social media platforms to promote your work? Do you try to translate your […]

Hunter Biden’s Art Sale: Ethics & Politics

With the announcement that Hunter Biden is selling his artwork through New York City gallerist Georges Bergès, ethics concerns are being raised by both the art world and in politics. Each of Hunter Biden’s artworks will be priced between $75,000 and $500,000. Is his artwork any good? Should it be commanding these prices? Discussion led […]

Illustration Careers: How to Start!

How does an illustration career begin? That one art class at a local art center, fan art, reading comics can all be where it starts. Art Prof Clara Lieu talks to Jarrett J. Krosoczka, a the New York Times-bestselling author/illustrator about his artistic experiences as a child and his career to date. Get tips on […]

Failure & Fear as an Artist

This video discusses the importance of failure, risk taking, and fear as an artist. So many of us are afraid to fail as artists, and yet failure is actually a crucial part of an artist’s development and progression. Taking a creative risk can be intimidating, and make us fearful because of the lack of predictability, […]

What is the Future of NFTs?

This video discusses the recent sale of Beeple’s NFT (Non-fungible token) at Christie’s for $69 million dollars. This sale was Christies’ first for an entirely digital artwork, and the first time Christie’s accepted payment in the cryptocurrency Ether. How does this event impact the art world today, and the future in terms of NFTs? Discussion […]

How Artists Avoid Cultural Appropriation

This video addresses how artists use cultural appropriation, and explores ownership of stories represented by visual artists. Topics covered include what the difference is between representation and appropriation, the power of personal narratives, showing classic stories, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Deepti Menon and Cat Huang. Video Walkthrough […]

Business Curriculum

The complete Business Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 2 videos. The Curriculum’s document is a complementary resource for both videos. Business Part 1 Business Part 2

Digital Illustration Portfolio Critique

This video critiques a digital illustration portfolio by Bryan Voell, providing an overview of the body of work, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Topics explored in this video include achieving a broader range of textures in digital media, how to push the full potential of what a background can offer, artwork titles, and […]

Budget Framing Options for Artists

Explore options for framing and hanging your artwork in an exhibition on a budget! This video provides many cheap options for installing artwork other than custom framing. Formats like plexiglass + L pins, push pins and clips can all be used for a clean, professional presentation. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching […]

Copyright Law for Artists with a Lawyer

Artists need to know how to protect their artwork, but copyright info online is often confusing and not specific enough to an artist’s needs. This video explains: what to do if someone steals your art, if you can copyright a style or idea, whether Instagram owns your artwork, whether fan art is copyright infringement, defining […]

How To Get a Job in the Animation Industry

What does it take to become an animator in the animation industry? This video explains all the skills that are necessary to work as an animator, as well as tips for how to connect with other professionals working in the field. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu, who interviews animator & storyboard artist Janice […]

Starting Freelance Illustration Career

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to start a career as a freelancer in editorial illustration. This video explains specific, concrete initiatives you can take to get your career freelance illustration jump started, as well as the challenges that come with a career in this field. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu, who […]

How to Sell Your Art Online

There is now a multitude of options for selling your art, many more than existed a few decades ago thanks to the Internet. You have to troubleshoot which venue is most appropriate for you and your work, as different venues will provide different results. Experiment with different venues and platforms, and see what works and […]

How Do I Know My Artwork is Finished?

How do you know your artwork is finished??? In every artwork, it’s never clear when an artwork is done! This video provides tips for signals in your creative process that you can look for. What are visual cues in your artwork that you can look for to determine whether your artwork is finished or not? […]

5 Tips for a Home Art Studio

Here are 5 tips for setting up an effective art studio at home, explaining methods for creating an alert, productive mindset in place for the home studio as well as practical aspects such as keeping your space clean and functional. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Alex Rowe. […]

Artists & Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is an ongoing concern for many artists. All artists experience imposter syndrome at some point, no matter how accomplished or experienced you are! This video explores several solutions than can get you to shift away from toxic thinking patterns. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Alex Rowe and Eloise […]

Self Promotion Mistakes Artists Should Avoid

How do you promote yourself as an artist without being too pushy? This video explains what practices to avoid when promoting your artwork online. Factors such as appropriate online etiquette, fostering a professional relationship first before asking for help, will let you avoid the risk of coming across as pushy and self absorbed. Discussion led […]

How to Write an Artist Statement

A complete guide Artist statements often feel like a contradiction for many artists, and it’s a process that most us dread as artists. Asking someone who is used to expressing themselves visually to write a statement feels unfair, if we were good at writing we would have been writers!  However, artist statements are an important […]

Staff Art Book Picks

A mix of inspirational, educational, how to books, and more to nurture yourself as an artist. See all of our books lists here, our manga list, how to list, comics list, and educational books list. 1 min. videos videos staff picks Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks As a free educational […]

Life After Art School

“There are many ways to be an artist.” The transition from art school into the “real world” can be abrupt and disorienting for many graduates. Entering and navigating the professional world can be confusing, and there are many challenges that came along the way. This video provides suggestions for concrete initiatives art school graduates can […]

Artist Grants

Overview More details Sculpture Student College Art AssociationPaul & Daisy SorosElizabeth GreenshieldsWorldstudio AIGA  Comics Cornish CCS Residency Fellowship Film LEF FoundationLynn Shelton Grant Photography Aaron Siskind Foundation Jewelry Halstead Grant Professional Artist ReliefAdolph & Esther Gottlieb FoundationAwesome FoundationBarbara Deming Memorial FundCreative CapitalElizabeth GreenshieldsEvolution GrantFulbright ProgramGuggenheimHarpo FoundationHopper PrizePollock-Krasner FoundationPuffin FoundationRuth & Harold ChenvenSustainable Arts Foundation Painting […]

Artist Residencies

USA Alaska Alaska Botanical GardenBunnell Street Art CenterChulitna LodgeWrangell Mountains Center Arizona Grand Canyon ConservancyHistoric Lowe HouseMOCA TucsonSonoran Desert Inn Arkansas Chulitna Research Institute California Bread & SaltChalk Hill Creekside Arts DjerassiDorland Mountain Arts ColonyExploratoriumHambidge CenterHeadlands CenterHeartwood MountainIn CahootsJoshua Tree Highlands Stochastic LabsTown of PulgaVilla Aurora Colorado Anderson Ranch Arts Carbondale Clay CenterElsewhere StudiosPlatteForumThe Retreat […]